Campus Services Directory

Search for a phone number based on the topic of your question. If additional information is available on the resident website, a link is provided in the Notes column (links are in bold, blue font).


Topic Phone Department Notes
Absence Notification 503-654-6581 Manor Reception

Notify Manor reception anytime you are off campus over night.  This could be a vacation or hospitalization.   Please fill out this form to notify Manor Reception of your planned absence.

Acupuncture Contractor

Please view our Massage, Acupuncture & Reflexology web page.

artworks 6634 or 6633 Art Therapy

Call for private art therapy

Assisted Transportation 503-652-7360 Home Care

Call Willamette View Home Care for preplanned rides to doctors appointments and other transportation needs

Bicycles 503-652-6317 Resident Services

For registration and parking information

Billing 503-652-6259 Finance

For questions regarding monthly billing

Blue Heron Foundation 503-652-6203 Blue Heron Foundation

The Blue Heron Foundation office offers a Professional Service Referral Program to help residents with many aspects of their lives.

Bus Reservation 0 or 503-654-6581 Manor Reception

Bus reservations can be made by calling Manor Reception for cultural trips and outings.

Cable and Internet 503-652-6678 Maintenance

Basic help with connecting may be available. Call or submit a work order via email

Campus Shuttle 503-319-3311 Resident Services

Shopping off-campus (Tuesday - Thursday) as well as the On Campus shuttle rides. More information on the Campus Transportation page.

Carousel 503-652-6236 Blue Heron Foundation

Click here for more information

Counseling 7355 Wellness

Contact for more information 

Dining Points 503-652-6259 Finance

Dining and Marketplace Points

Emergency 503-730-5337 Campus Safety and Security

Family notification, Door/Window alert tags, Personal Help Buttons 

Fitness 6700 Fitness Center

 Fitness pages 

Food Delivery 503-652-6218 Food and Beverage

General food delivery questions.  See To-Go Orders, Pickup & Delivery on the website for information about placing orders to be delivered.

Footcare 7360 Home Care

There are 2 options for foot care/nail care at Willamette View.  For pedicures one can contact the View Salon for simple nail trimming.  For challenging toenails and health conditions like diabetes one might prefer to see an RN.  Home Care provides foot care.  Click here for more information 

Guests and Visitors 503-654-6581 Manor Reception

Call Manor Reception (0)

Hair Salon and Barber 503-652-6217 Contractor

See The View Salon for more details 

Health Center Reception 503-353-7000 Health Services Administration

The Health Center Reception Desk provides administrative support for the Health Care Services and Nursing offices, as well as assisting guests and visitors to the Health Center.

Health Services 503-652-7002 Health Services Administration

Questions regarding licensed care at Willamette View

Hearing Aids 503-239-8918 Contractor

Able Hearing comes to the Willamette View Home Care Office, Plaza Building, 2nd Floor 
On the first Thursday of the month from 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Home Care 503-652-7360 Home Care

For more information check out the Home Care pages

Housekeeping 503-652-6228 Environmental Services

Apartment cleaning service

Kayaks 503-652-6317 Resident Services

For registration and storage questions call Resident Services

Keys, Keycards and Fobs 0 or 503-654-6581 Campus Safety and Security

Lost, misplaced, or stolen.  Extra keys, keycards, and fobs.

Life Enrichment 503-652-6764 Life Enrichment

The Life Enrichment office provides social and educational activities available to Willamette View residents, with a focus on enriching the experiences of residents in assisted living. View the current events on the Life Enrichment Calendar.

Lost and Found 0 or 503-654-6581 Manor Reception

Items found around campus are turned into Manor Reception. View all items currently held at Lost and Found.

Luxer Lockers 0 or 503-654-6581 Manor Reception

Call Manor Reception for help and information

Mail and Package Delivery 0 or 503-654-6581 Manor Reception

Mail and package delivery, including USPS, UPS, FedEx shipping, purchase stamps and envelopes and help with the Luxer package system.  

Maintenance and Repairs 503-652-6678 Maintenance

Schedule work order for residence and appliance repair.  You can also email your request to

Mart 503-652-6807 Blue Heron Foundation

Click here for more information 

Notary Public - Health Center 503-353-7004 Health Services Administration

Contact the Health Services Manager to schedule an appointment

Notary Public - Independent Living 503-652-6227 Resident Services

Contact the RCS Administrative Assistant to schedule an appointment

Pantry 503-652-6682 Blue Heron Foundation

Click here for more information  

Parking 503-652-6317 Resident Services

Willamette View vehicle registration, parking assignment, electric charging stations.

Personal Help Buttons (PHB) 503-730-5337 Campus Safety and Security

Willamette View encourages all residents to wear a Personal Help Button.  Call the Campus Safety department for more information 

Personal Training 503-652-6700 Fitness Center

Contact the the Personal Trainer to schedule an appointment 

Pets 503-652-6317 Resident Services
Physical, Occupational or Speech Therapy 503-652-6685 Contractor

Call to make an appointment

Room Reservations 0 or 503-654-6581 Manor Reception

Reserve a guest room, meeting room, or campus kitchen by calling Manor Reception.  You can also request a meeting room reservation on line here.

Safety and Security 503-730-5337 Campus Safety and Security
Security Locks (clam lock on my door) 503-730-5337 Campus Safety and Security

Contact Campus Safety to have a security (clam lock) added or removed from apartment door.  

Storage 503-652-6317 Resident Services

Storage lockers and storage rooms.