Campus (Activities) Calendar

Tue, Jun 6

Mat Yoga   7:30 am   Fitness Center
Pickleball   9:00 am   Tennis Court
Better Balance 3   9:15 am   Fitness Center Studio
iPhone & iPad Tricks and Tips   9:30 am   Heron Lounge
Core Activation Exercise   10:00 am   Fitness Center Studio
Diversity & Inclusion Group   10:00 am   Zoom
Heidi Davis vocal performance   10:00 am   Terrace Auditorium
Islamophobia: Its Presence in our Society   10:30 am   Blue Heron Auditorium
Blood Pressure Clinic   11:00 am   Home Care Office
Playing the Recorder at Willamette View   11:30 am   Multipurpose Room, Manor
French Conversation   12:00 pm   Riverview
Hooks and Needles   1:00 pm
Open Art Studio   1:00 pm   artworks Studio
Aqua Fitness   1:15 pm   Swimming Pool
Move For Joy   3:00 pm   Fitness Center Studio and Zoom